Andreas Roth

Andreas Roth

If you're using OpenSSL you have to make sure you install the patch to fix the CVE-2014-0160 issue also known as heartbleed.

On Ubuntu system you 'only' have to run

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

If you have mod-spdy installed for Apache you also have to make sure to upgrade mod-spdy to version (or later). If you only update the openssl packages and have installed an older version of mod-spdy your system is still vulnerable.

You might want to use the following test site to verify that you're system fixed: If you're looking for an offline tool to test i recommend which can also check if your mail server is safe too.

For further information you might wanna check out the topic on Ask Ubuntu:

Sunday, 29 December 2013 16:48

Meld version 1.8.3

Version 1.8.3 of Meld just arrived as Ubuntu package in my PPA. I only uploaded the package for 13.10 (saucy) because it's the only version of Ubuntu I use on my desktop machines. If there's some interest in packages for other Ubuntu versions just let me know.

I just uploaded the latest verion 0.7.24 for Ubuntu into my PPA. The packages for saucy, raring and precise are available (for trusty the package is provided by Ubuntu itself). So far i've only checked the raring package, but these packages should work.


Monday, 21 October 2013 07:51

enhanced trac commit updater

I just uploaded an enhanced version of the trac-commitupdater component to my GitHub site. The original version is included in the trac package and can be found here as well.

This version knows more keywords (e.g. implemented, rejected and many more) than the original version. I use this component together with an enhanced ticket workflow for trac (more about the workflow a bit later), but it can be use with the original workflow as well. The keywords for each action can be configured, so you have to set the keywords for these additional actions (e.g. implemented) to '' (empty string).

The new version of the component has one more feature: It can be configured to avoid reacting on commit messages from 'outsiders'. If a commit is authored by a user which e-mail domain is not allowed the ticket is not modified. This helps if you pull in changes from a third-party repository which uses the same keywords but you do not want these imports to mess up your trac tickets.

I also created a Ubuntu package for the component to allow to be installed very easily. As usual the packages are available on my PPA


Sunday, 20 October 2013 15:21

Meld 1.8.2 landed in PPA

I just uploaded the version 1.8.2 of Meld as package for Ubuntu precise, raring and saucy. Just go to my PPA, add my PPA as package source and install the meld package.

Note: On saucy meld crashed when i try to select a directory for comparision. Here's the output on the terminal:

/usr/bin/meld:167: GtkWarning: gtk_tree_model_filter_get_value: assertion 'GTK_TREE_MODEL_FILTER (model)->priv->stamp == iter->stamp' failed
/usr/bin/meld:167: Warning: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.38.0/./gobject/gtype.c:4215: type id '0' is invalid
/usr/bin/meld:167: Warning: can't peek value table for type '' which is not currently referenced
Segmentation fault

I haven't found a solution for this issue yet. If someone knows how to fix this drop me a comment.

Update: I found the cause of the crash. Using either QtCurve or oxygen as GTK2 theme triggers the crash. If you use a different theme the directory selection works just fine.

Sunday, 20 October 2013 14:44

Daily builds of KDevelop & co

Some time ago i created source package recipes for kdev-platform, kdevelop and kdev-python. The packages are build daily and the results are put into the testing repository. From time to time i copy the packages over to my regular PPA. 

The packages are built from the latest sources of kdevelop. These packages must be considered unstable so DO NOT use them in production environment. 

If you've found a issue with kdevelop please report the issue in the KDE bugtracker. If you find any issue concerning the packaging please let me know.

Special thanks to all the people involved creating the very awesome IDE!

Saturday, 19 October 2013 11:24

Network-Manager crash in saucy

Today i updated one of my computers to the latest version of Ubuntu: Saucy Salamander

After some time all updates and all config files have been updated (which took about 2 hours) i restarted the machine to see if everything is running fine. To my big surprise the network wasn't available after the restart. If checked and saw that the Network Manager (NM) had crashed several times. At first i worked around this by manually setting up the network interface and checked the internet. I came across the Bug #1241590 and there was the solution as well. In my connections configuration file i had two empty fields: addresses and routes. These two lines caused the crash and the missing network. After removing these lines everything went back to normal.

Thanks to Matthias Kretz who found the issue and posted the solution as well.

Friday, 18 October 2013 09:56

Samba 4.1 packages for Ubuntu

I published Samba 4.1.0 packages for Ubuntu (precise, raring and saucy) in my PPA. I used the existing samba 4.0 packages from Ubuntu saucy as base to create the new packages. To bring the latest version of Samba to Ubuntu it was required to build several library packages as well (ldb, tevent, talloc and tdb). 

I created these packages to play and test the latest version of Samba, but these packages are not supposed for production use. There might be issues when using these packages (e.g. missing files/features, conflicts with other packages, etc), but let me know if you find any issues. It would be great to know if anyone is using these packages, so just drop me a note.

The sources of the packages are available on my Github page, so you can build the packages on your own or just modify/fix them yourself.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009 08:38

Looking for a new job

Yesterday i got told that my current company NICE Systems GmbH is closing the office in Friedrichshafen. So at the moment i am looking for a new job. If you or your company is offering a job for a developer please let me know.

I promised you to tell you a bit more about myself, but i hadn't in mind to tell you this because i need to look for a new job. Here is some more information about myself.

I looking for a job as software developer and i would like to working with Linux systems. I like to develop system related applications or service especially with network interaction. Database programming is very interesting for me and i have some expierence with MySQL, PostgreSQL and DB2.

I would prefer to stay in the region of lake constance, but i'm willing to move if i get a great job offer somewhere else (even outside of germany).

I'm working as R&D System Development Engineer for the last 2 and a half years for NICE Systems GmbH after a have graduated at the Berufsakademie Ravensburg with the degree of Bachelor of Science in computer science. I have over ten years of expierence in programming in C/C++ in various areas (network, socket, multi-thread, IPC, drivers, databases, etc).

I hope to get many offers and thank you for your interest.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009 08:58



The AVCtrl project was born to allow to control the amplifier and the TV by using a single remote control. Before this program I had to use two different remote controls and a PC keyboard to start a DVD movie. When I want to view a DVD, i had to insert switch the amplifier and the TV to the correct input for DVD and then start the playback.

The primary goal of this little project was to control my LG 37LB2R in combination with my Sony STR-DE875. Because of this at the moment the program does not allow to control any other devices.

To allow the program to control more than just one TV and one amplifier, the program was designed to work with an abstraction layer to access the hardware. This way it is possible to enhance the program to support more hardware.

Supported Hardware

  • Sony S-Link enabled components

  • LG TVs with serial port interface


The central element in AVCtrl is the controller. The controller is responible for retrieving the status of the hardware periodically and executes requests from other parts of the program. The controller itself does not talk to the hardware, this is accomplished by a driver. A driver has a fixed set of operations which must be supplied. This way it's quite easy to support a different hardware just by replacing the driver. The following table includes all functions which are required to implement a driver.

Function Description
volumeUp increases the current volume by one
volumeDown decreases the current volume by one
setPower turn on or off the hardware
setMute turn on or off volume mute
setChannel sets the channel
setInput switches to a new input (e.g. DVD)
getPower determines the current power state of the hardware
getMute determines the current status of volume mute
getChannel retrieves the current channel number
getInput determines the current input

With these operations the program controls your hardware. Some hardware devices do not support to set the volume in absolute numbers, so only volume up and down is available.In the future maybe new operations will be added if requested or required.

User interface

The user interface of AVCtrl displays is supposed to be invisible to the user. The main window is only visible, when the video monitor is showing some other source than from the PC. AVCtrl is controlled by keyboard and the keyboard assignment can be changed in a standard keyboard assignment dialog.

By default AVCtrl uses Arrow Up and Arrow Down to change the channel. The plus and minus keys are used to adjust the volume.

The GUI is updated when a status change has been detected by the controller. The controller emits a signal when one of the properties (e.g. volume) have changed and the GUI needs to be updated.


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